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You can count on SOS when it's time to make a later life move



Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

SOS Moving Management Services is a group of professionals who provide emotional, organizational, hands on support services for people in the greater Portland area who are moving, home right-sizing or decluttering.


Our job is to remove the stress and make it an experience that is as pleasant possible. And we’ve had a lot of experience at doing just that.  Read more about our services.


Meet owner Robbin Martell
Robbin has more than 30 years of education and experience assisting seniors and their families.                                         Prior to creating SOS Moving Management Services, Robbin  worked in geriatric nursing, home

health, hospice and director for retirement communities, as well as event planning and senior

travel programs.

Our primary goal is to reduce your stress. You only need to make 


  • Plan and manage transition.

  • Have a problem solver, advocate.

  • Have a coordinator.

  • Have a family liaison.

  • ​Have an advisor, moving consultants and database of contacts developed over the years.


We specialize in helping seniors, but we help everyone regardless of age who's facing a later life move or lifestyle change. 

          Some of our most popular services are:

  • Prepare home for market

  • Home Rightsizing, decluttering 

  • Estate liquidations, Consignments, 

  • On-line auctions, we sell items worldwide 

  • Hauling to charities and disposal

  • Post Move Clear & Cleans (to make that residence move in ready)

Robbin Martell
Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a
complimentary in-home consultation!



to help!

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